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Essential Information For Your Stay In Ibiza

Detailed tourist information making sure you have all the information you need before your arrival on the white island. 

Ibiza Statistics and Information

Located 80 km east of mainland Spain, Ibiza spans 570 square miles of beautiful scenery. This section will guide you through the essential Ibiza tourist information you may need before you travel. The local language of Ibiza is Catalan, similar to Spanish and most locals are fluent in both. You will find however, that English is also spoken by most of the tourist-ready inhabitants. The coastline runs for 210km and is scattered with beautiful beaches to suit all tastes. Further inland, the landscape becomes hilly and green. To get a vantage point like no other, you need to head to the highest point of the island Sa Talaia, which reaches 475m at its peak.

Another piece of essential Ibiza tourist information, is differing requirements for using electrical devices abroad. Electricity runs at 220 volts on the island and you will require a two pin travel adapter for your appliances. Your packing should also include your EHIC card which provides you with basic medical cover during your stay. It goes without saying but suncream is another must bring, as you can expect 300 days per year of sun lasting for 10 hours on average per day.  

Ibiza Weather and Temperature

You can expect the Ibiza weather to be reliably hot and sunny from May onwards. The lush green countryside gets its watering in late autumn and early spring; but even then you can expect to have more clear days than not. In the height of the season the Ibiza weather has been known to reach soaring temperatures of thirty degrees upwards. Sunseekers should definitely look at booking their break during July and August. This is also a great time for water babies, as the water temperature can soar to the likes of 26 degrees.

When packing for a break, you should definitely consider the Ibiza weather for that month. During May, June and September you can expect it to be hot in the daytime, with Ibiza's temperatures dropping at night. A few light cover ups will come in handy for any evening revelry. During July and August, you can expect the temperature to be hot hot hot! Loose and airy clothes are recommended to help you beat the heat. During October, you may need to be a little more varied with your packing; layer up and be aware of the potential for some light rain.

Useful Numbers

Our final piece of Ibiza tourist information for you, is the following list of essential contact numbers. Dialling 999 will not get you anywhere in Ibiza, instead you will need to dial 112 in the case of an emergency. We have also detailed a range of other useful numbers, covering everything from hospitals to taxis; just remember to dial the country code 0034 first.

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