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Ibiza Attractions

Ibiza might be a relatively small island but it is packed with many things to do -  no matter what type of holiday you are looking for. If you are a family looking to keep the kids entertained or need a break from the nightlife – Ibiza has something for everyone.

Ibiza is renowned for the amount of things that there are to do on the island. The clubs and nightlife are famous for their intensity and diversity.

During hours of sunlight, endless days could be spent exploring the island or choosing a favourite from Ibiza’s numerous beaches. Even during the winter months, Ibiza has a lot to offer.

Here we break down for you, an in depth guide into the most popular attractions that we have to offer.

Eivissa Old Town and Dalt Vila

Proudly situated at the pinnacle of Ibiza’s capital, Dalt Vila is home to creative interlinking streets and walls that lead up to the summit of the eastern coast. The journey to the top passes points of historical interest and is greeted by a breath-taking view of the island. The surrounding streets of Eivissa below Dalt Vila host an abundance of shops, bars and restaurants.

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Es Vedra, Cala d'Hort

The attraction and mystery of Es Vedra has lead a lot of people to discover its beauty. The magic that this rock possesses is fascinating. It has a magnetic pulse that rivals that of the Bermuda Triangle and is the second highest summit in Ibiza. The sunset behind it and the love it receives from both visitors and locals add extra magnetism to this natural spectacle. This is perhaps the most famous natural Ibiza attraction.

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Caves at San Miguel (Can Marca)

When you come to Ibiza, it is hard to imagine it without its thriving tourist industry. The caves at Can Marca however, offer an insight into 100000 years of history. This delve into the worlds formation would be worth seeing anywhere in the world. The fact that it is available to see on our island makes it even more special.

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Ses Salinas and Parque Natural

Salt mining is Ibiza’s oldest trade. The stretches of water in-between the south coast of the island connecting to Formentera has been a jackpot for what is known as ‘white gold’. Today this area of the island is still mined for salt which offers some interesting sights and impressively vast piles of salt. It is of course though, not just about salt. Ses Salinas beach is less of a tourist infected area but is still popular for its natural beauty.

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For a small island, Ibiza is home to a number of quaint inland villages. Each is proud to house a church and all are different in design. The churches offered safety in the past as a holy refuge that could not be ransacked by invaders. A tour of the most interesting churches on the island will always be combined with lots of other attractions along the way.

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In Es Cana every Wednesday, thousands arrive throughout the day to the island’s most popular market. The Hippy Market has been in operation for over 40 years now and has become something of an Ibiza institution. A day browsing the authentic wares on show is always a good use of a Wednesday on the island.

On Saturdays, Las Dalias provides what many see as a more authentic market than the heavily tourist based Hippy Market in Es Cana. Las Dalias is set within the grounds of a traditional restaurant and offers more of an original concept on Saturdays in the north of the island. Also on a Saturday morning is The Hippodrome Market in the village of San Jordi. Close to Playa D’en Bossa, this market is easy to get to. The San Jordi Hippodrome Market is a very social event and is reminiscent of a typical English car boot sale. Unlike most Ibiza attractions, the market is open all year round and actually becomes busier in the winter, with an increase in stalls.

Other Attractions

Sunset Strip, San Antonio

The transition of a disused house with a spectacular view to what is now known as Café Mambo epitomises what Ibiza has become. Sunset Strip is a string of several popular venues that becomes a mecca for Ibiza fanatics at sunset time. Thousands gather in the bars and on the rocks to participate in the mutual celebration of one of the world’s most famous sunsets.

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Aquamar Water Park, Playa den Bossa

Next door to Space is a fun daytime activity that is perfect for families. The Aquamar Water Park provides the ideal solution to the intense heat that Ibiza is renowned for. With plenty of bars and restaurants close by, this Ibiza attraction is in a privileged position in the heart of Playa D’en Bossa.

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Aquarium, Cap Blanc, San Antonio

Just north of San Antonio is Ibiza’s only aquarium. It offers an interesting look into marine life in the Mediterranean. The aquarium is built into the caves on the route towards Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta. You will see flyers for Cap Blanc dotted around tourist resort which offers a discount on tickets.

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Vineyards of Can Rich, San Antonio

Can Rich de Buscastell has been producing wine in its 17 hectares of vineyards for over 15 years. The vineyards are home to the creation of whites, reds and rosés that makes for a fun and educational visit. There is of course as most would hope, the option to sample what is on offer.

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Go Karting, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia

Ibiza is home to two Go Karting tracks on either side of the island. The choice to add a bit of competition to a day out is a popular one and the tracks are never short of drivers. Both courses feature a mixture of races including a Grand Prix. This is ideal for both families and large groups of friends. We have exclusive offers for large groups.

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Ibiza’s sister island is an attraction that boasts attractions of its own. The 83km2 of land and 69km of coastline make Formentera the tranquil twin of Ibiza. Considered by many as the last paradise in the Mediterranean, the clear waters and white sandy beaches are a joy to behold.

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Excursion Trips

Land Train San Antonio & Santa Eulalia

The Land Train that runs all over the island takes a number of routes. It is a fantastic way to take in the impressive scenery that the hills have to offer. The route includes visits to a number of villages and is a delightfully social experience.

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Mountain Bike Tracks & Cycle Routes

As a result of the unique Ibiza terrain, the island makes for some incredible cycling routes. For those that enjoy exploring in the most revitalising way, this is a must. There are over 25 designated cycle routes in Ibiza. We are able to provide mountain bikes directly to your accommodation.

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Boat Cruise & Private Charter

If there is ever a time when you are undecided in how to spend your day in Ibiza, take to the waters. The luxury of being able to enjoy taking in the Ibiza coastline from both angles is not something that should be neglected. We offer a range of services and vessels and have the perfect option for you.

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